About Fit2Wrk

An Integrated Risk Mitigation Model

Fit2wrk provides you with national consistency and standardization of services directed at mitigating risk and exposure, specifically towards lost time, expedited return to work and prevention. Our local expertise and ability to customize programs to your specific needs ensures a maximum return on investment. From start-up to program implementation we have the tools to make the process seamless and most importantly, medically and legally compliant. Contact Fit2wrk to review your needs on a local or national level.

Localized Scheduling: Fast, Easy, Convenient & Personal.

Localized scheduling provides you with personal access to our national partner provider network. We will take your request, confirm appointments and follow through to ensure you are always taken care of. From specific specialty requirements to immediate time conscious requests we are here to help.

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Since the basis behind our treatment and services is the generation of objective outcome data, we focus on evidence based medicine. This provides our clients with up to date information at all times on your employee’s status. Objective testing provides clear and concise reporting based upon peer-reviewed and published data.

Continuum of Care

From preventive measures to post injury rehabilitation and safe, sustained return to work duties, we provide an integrated approach to ensuring overall client satisfaction. Our industrial specialists will review your own needs and co-develop programs designed to expedite return to work as well as positively impact future injury costs.

National Consistency of Care, Delivery & Custom Solutions

Our national approach with local care delivery provides us with the ability to roll out industry specific programs including completely customizable solutions for our clients. From joint or work specific rehab, to custom protocols for testing, to client directed job demands, we can accommodate your needs.

Fit2wrk has partnered with PTandMe.com to give a comprehensive look into the services physical and occupational therapists provide. PTandMe is an informational guide for patients interested in or considering physical, occupational, and/or hand therapy.